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Mermaiden Broth


The broth of mermaids!

Full of wild goodies, this is a bouillon-type powder with ingredients grown and dried on our farm. 3 big pinches of this magic mixture make for a wonderful nourishing, mineral-rich, umami-fragrant, base layer, and dare we say medicinal soup. The turmeric is grown by our friends in Hawaii. Many things can be added: boil up yesterday’s roast chicken bones – throw in leftover rice, oatmeal or vegetables. Or add it to crock-pot with beans, casserole etc. Go frugal or go decadent, the choice is yours!


Organic Shiitake Mushrooms*, Organic Wild Sugar Kelp*, Organic Wild Digitata*, Organic Wild Alaria*, Wild Sweet Bay*, Organic Garlic*, Wild Burdock Root*, Puu’o hoku Molokai Organic Turmeric

*Smithereen Farm grown and harvested


8 oz jar

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