Seaweed Sprinkle


Seaweed is a commons, seaweed is a condiment! Nutritionally it’s considered best to eat a little bit of seaweed everyday for hormones, minerals, thyroid etc. Cherishing the seaweed as a tasty garnish and gift of the sea seems respectful as well as practical, which is why we propose the sprinkle-method. Dr. Seuss was known to sprinkle kelp powder to make his “green eggs” we also suggest it on rice, in salad dressing, as a soup garnish, on toast with oil.

Organic Toasted Sesame Seeds, Organic Wild Cutler Coast Nori*, Organic Wild Sea Lettuce*, Organic Wild Sugar Kelp, Organic Wild Dulse, Organic Wild Sweet Bay*

*Smithereen farm grown + harvested

Net weight: 1 oz

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