Our Facilities

Smithereen Farm has a mission to serve as a local food hub with many tools for adding value, from drying wild-harvested herbs, seaweed, and berries, to creating jams and preserves from local fruits.

We are implementing a Local Food Promotion Program (LFPP) with a grant from the USDA. Learn more about the program here. With this support, we are able to provide a shared-use commercial kitchen, a Farm Store to feature and sell local Maine products, a database and map of local farms, as well as business mentorship support for local food enterprises. The space is managed with Food Safety Standards of Practice that require training and onboarding. According to the terms of the grant we must charge a nominal rental fee for the use of the facility. If you are interested in touring or using the space, please contact [email protected].


We’re proud to partner with mycologist Sue Van Hook on the research and development of MycoBuoys™ growing mushroom buoys for various mariculture uses. Learn more about Mycobuoys™ here. In 2024, the project has outgrown the little outbuilding where it started, but it continues in full momentum in a bigger space.

The MycoLab contains:

  • Evacuator hood
  • Clean room for mushroom cultivation
  • Sterilization equipment, propane rings
  • Bleach tub

The Minke Commercial Kitchen

We produce all of our value-added products here in our certified commercial kitchen, located at 13 Little Falls Road in Pembroke. 

The Minke contains:

  • fully stocked commercial kitchen with separate dishwashing room
  • Robot Coups, Vitamix blender, grill, electric convection oven
  • vacuum-packer
  • hammer mill for grinding dried seaweed, mushrooms, herbs, and berries
  • 30-gallon spigot pot
  • 10-gallon apple press
  • apple grinder
  • propane stove
  • freezers and fridges
  • fermentation equipment

Next on the list:

  • walk in cooler
  • more indoor storage space for jars
  • Salamander (brand) broiler

Farm Store

At the Farm Store, we stock goods from our farm and local Maine producers—vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, dairy, eggs, frozen berries, bread, tea, honey, fermentations, preserves, and more.

  • Visibility on Route 1
  • Open five days a week, May through October
  • Office space / shared workspaces for rent
  • Local food map distribution
  • Hub for agritourism and bicycle tourism
  • Electric car charger
  • Picnic tables


Next on the list:

  • Hot coffee and take away foods made from products of local farms
  • Local oysters
  • Potted nursery plants and starts
  • Senior farmshare program
  • EBT food access


We have several greenhouses used for solar-drying seaweed, herbs, and berries.

  • three 70-foot greenhouses
  • three industrial dehydrators
  • baking rack trays and speed racks
  • wooden drying racks

Next on the list:

  • shadecloth
  • heated greenhouses for early seedlings and commercial seedlings

Bulk ordering

We have relationships with bulk suppliers of materials for growing, harvesting, and producing value-added products. We can take advantage of bulk discounts and save on freight costs. Currently we are bulk-ordering:

  • potting soil
  • greenhouse pots
  • glass jars and waxed boxes for value-added products

Next on list:

  • bulk organic compost
  • nursery stock

As you can see, we are gaining some momentum and are excited for what’s next! If you have ideas for other activities that could benefit the local farm economy of Washington County, we are all ears. 

If you are a food producer in Washington County, please fill out this survey.