Join us on the farm!

NEW Position:
Smithereen Office and Sales Manager

On-site in Pembroke, Maine

Part time, with probability of moving to full time based on performance

Hourly Pay:
$25 /hour

We are seeking a dynamic individual to fill the role of Smithereen Farm Office and Sales Manager. This part-time position combines responsibilities for office management, sales coordination, and program/event support across various Smithereen Farm initiatives.


Office Management

  • Serve as the primary contact for office-related communication (office@smithereenfarm, sales@smithereenfarm).

  • Oversee operations, ensuring cleanliness, organization, and a welcoming environment for guests.

  • Manage Google office folders, document ordering, and sharing.

  • Handle Last pass for Smithereen Farm and related software.

  • Set up RSVP forms for paid farm events/ Spa Days etc. 

  • Maintain knowledge of operations manuals, filing cabinets, and ensure they are updated.

  • Manage inbox, flagging priorities, and sorting incoming mail.

  • Receive and annotate deliveries, checking invoices for accuracy.

  • Handle supply management and order necessary materials or supplies.

  • Handle accounts payable and receivable, track expenses against general ledger accounts.

  • Update websites, deploy listserv, and manage social media platforms.

  • Assist in communications and outreach, managing Mailchimp and newsletter preparations.

  • Monitor and respond to messages on Facebook and other platforms.

  • Where there are overlapping roles with Greenhorns operations, create a tracking/ billing system to accurately track your time there, and bill accordingly. 

Program/Event Management & Hospitality

  • Coordinate office-based management for farm based art and education programming.

  • Oversee communication with art/community/residency and art guest hospitality aspects- oversee the “ Campus residency tracker” spreadsheet, get people travel info.

  • Assist/delegate in event setup, breakdown, and public interaction.

  • Ensure cleanliness and preparedness for On farm events, delegate/ oversee cleaning and materials provision ( ie Spa Day, blueberry open day)

  • Manage the backend of the Hospitality website (HIPCAMPs) which can get a bit intense in August. 


  • Develop and execute a sales plan for Smithereen Farm products.

  • Delegate sales calls to wholesale accounts while overseeing the store.

  • Manage sales emails and fulfillment of orders using Square, Woo Commerce, and Pirateship.

  • Validate payments with Jed monthly.

  • Conduct updates to sales accounts to remind customers to order.

  • Maintain inventory in the warehouse, reorder ingredients as needed, and organize sales meetings.

  • Handle paperwork administration for Smithereen Farm, including insurance and lease agreements.

  • Create sales plans for the store and manage license renewals.

  • Track inventory and sales, update vendor spreadsheet, and onboard new vendors.

  • Manage relationships with WIC and Senior farmshare.

  • Place orders from vendors, oversee staff hours, and report cash sales.

  • Handle brochures/maps/visitor information inventory and deposit cash/checks in the bank.

  • Coordinate pickup of offsite orders and prepare monthly sales reports.

  • Manage inventory for take-away food, oversee retail artist duties.

  • Design and update the operational plan for take-away food at the farm store.

  • Improve SOPs, manage outreach, shipping, and wholesale accounting.

  • Handle backend tasks on Smithereen website, inventory management, and optimization.

  • Print necessary materials and manage the webstore correspondence and WordPress.

  • Act as a backup for office/physical plant duties.


  • Oversee purchase inventory management of farmstore products.

  • Manage shipping of VAP products for Smithereen Farm.

  • Update databases for new leads and track invoices.

  • Improve and update SOPs for policy and operations materials.


  • Proficiency in Google Workspace, Trello, WordPress, Instagram, and Facebook.

  • Strong organizational, communication, and multitasking skills.

  • Ability to learn and adapt to various tasks and software.

  • Previous experience in office management, sales, and program/event coordination is a plus.

Work Environment

  • Part-time with the possibility to move to full-time.

  • On-site in Pembroke, Maine, with a varying schedule, including weekends for events.

  • Ideal candidate either resides on-campus or within close driving distance.